Why a Pediatric Dentist?

Are you wondering why you need a pediatric dentist for your child's dental care? While it is true that a general dentist can perform dental care on both children and adults, pediatric dentists are specialty trained for dental care for children. At Milton Dental Specialists, we focus on the special needs of children when it comes to caring for their teeth. Pediatricians are trained to handle a child's medical needs while a pediatric dentist is uniquely trained to meet the dental health needs of your child. Dr. Justin Chong has received several additional years of training and has received his specialty certificate in Pediatric Dentistry. He is specifically trained to meet the oral care needs of infants and children through adolescence. Dr. Justin Chong is a pediatric dentist who has chosen to dedicate his practice to the care of young people's teeth, from infants to teens.

Pediatric Dentistry vs. General Dentistry

The biggest difference between a pediatric dentist and a general dentist is education and training. All pediatric dentist have already completed their Doctorate in General Dentistry. However, to receive a specialty certificate in pediatric dentistry, they must continue their education and training for two years or more to become certified in caring for children's teeth. Dr. Chong, our pediatric dentist, received his General Dentistry education in Augusta before spending two more years training in Philadelphia to become a pediatric dentist.

Dr. Chong focuses on preventive care for children's teeth. From the time they are toddlers, Dr. Chong carefully monitors the growth and health of his young patient's teeth. This helps prevent dental problems and helps children create excellent dental care habits that will follow them into adulthood. As a specialist, Dr. Chong can also identify any possible dental issues and help create a treatment plan to ensure your child will have a healthy, beautiful smile as they grow up. In addition, Dr. Chong is wonderful with working with children who may be nervous about dental care.

To learn more about the benefits of pediatric dentistry, experience the difference for yourself. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your child with Dr. Chong at Milton Dental Specialists. Our team is dedicated to making sure your children have the best experience while visiting our office, along with a healthy smile.

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