Primary School 6 to 11 Years

The formative years when a child is in primary school is important both to their mental, physical and dental development. At Milton Dental Specialists, we know how vital it is to a child's health and appearance to have strong, beautiful teeth. Our pediatric dentist Dr. Chong and our orthodontist Dr. Patel are both specialists that can monitor and treat your child's teeth during those primary school years of ages six to eleven.

Along with continuing dental exams every six months, children ages 6-11 need to begin building their own personal dental hygiene habits. We encourage parents to guide their children in the correct brushing and flossing techniques, while we monitor their dental health. Once the child's first permanent molars erupt, it can be beneficial to have a panoramic radiograph of the teeth and jaw to evaluate the formation of the molars and other permanent teeth. These x-rays can help identify any cross bite or misalignment issues that may need to be treated.

Dental Care for Elementary School Children

At Milton Dental Specialists, we follow the recommendations of the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO), of which Dr. Patel is a member in good standing. The AAO recommends that children have their first comprehensive orthodontic exam by the age of seven to plan for any preventive or corrective treatments needed. The exam includes measuring the arch and a registration of their bite, along with an orthodontic study of their panoramic radiograph. This first exam is then followed by a treatment recommendation if there are any orthodontic concerns for the child.

Both Dr. Chong and Dr. Patel at Milton Dental Specialists are committed to providing the absolute best pediatric dental and orthodontic care for your elementary school age child. Having both specialists under one roof makes it easier to coordinate your child's dental care to ensure they receive all the medical treatment they need for a beautiful, healthy smile as they enter their teen years. Contact our office to schedule an appointment for your child.

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