Preschool 3 to 5 Years

As children reach their preschool years between ages three and five, their baby teeth are in place with their permanent teeth beginning to be ready to emerge. This is a critical time in their pediatric dental care to ensure that the baby teeth stay healthy to guide the new, permanent teeth into place. At Milton Dental Specialists, we are uniquely positioned to care for your preschoolers teeth with both a pediatric dentist and an orthodontist to monitor and treat your young child's dental development.

During the preschool years, children are beginning to learn to care for their own teeth. However, just like other skills they are learning, they still need help to brush and floss properly. By this age, we should be using a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste when brushing. If your child's teeth are tightly contacting each other, we should also be flossing between them as often as possible. Regular dental exams help reduce the chance of cavities and other dental problems that can affect their health and the positioning of their new permanent teeth that will be coming in over the next few years.

Dental Care for Preschoolers

In the preschool years, orthodontic care can be extremely beneficial. However, we most likely will not begin any orthodontic treatment, as it will be mostly identifying and monitoring potential orthodontic issues that may benefit from future treatment. At this time, your child's jaw and teeth can be examined to determine any spacing or alignment issues that may arise as the new permanent teeth begin to arrive. In many cases, a treatment plan can be devised to help ensure there is adequate space for the permanent teeth and a reduction in misaligned or crooked teeth.

Preschoolers can also be rambunctious and have a tendency to break their primary teeth. Orthodontic care can ensure that a broken baby tooth does not create problems with their permanent teeth that are developing. At Milton Dental Specialists, our orthodontist Dr. Patel will work our pediatric dentist Dr. Chong to devise the best dental care plan for your child in their preschool years.

To schedule a dental or orthodontic exam for your preschooler, contact Milton Dental Specialists today. We look forward to caring for your child's beautiful smile!

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