Invisalign Teen

No longer do teens need to be embarrassed of a mouth full of metal to have a straight, beautiful smile. Invisalign Teen is an orthodontic treatment that uses the same techniques that have been used for adult teeth-straightening to correct misaligned teen teeth. Like the adult predecessor, Invisalign Teen uses clear, plastic aligners to shift teeth into place, without using metal or wires. Milton Dental Specialists' resident orthodontist Dr. Patel offers Invisalign Teen for his younger patients that want to discretely improve their smile.

Invisible/Clear Orthodontics for Teens

Many teenagers are very self-conscious about their appearance, making it difficult to endure wearing traditional braces for a few years of their life. Invisalign Teen offers an almost invisible option to get excellent orthodontic treatment for many common misalignment problems. Overcrowded teeth, bite problems and widely spaced teeth are some issues that may be treated using clear aligners.

The treatment involves using 3D technology to monitor the shifting of the teeth from beginning to end using clear plastic trays that are replaced every few weeks. Invisalign Teen has some added features over the original product that was made for adults. The teen version has a Blue Dot Wear Indicator that alerts teens and parents when the aligners need to be replaced. The teen product also has Eruption Tabs that allows space for molars that come in during the teen years.

If you are the parent of a teen that is seeking the services of an experienced orthodontist in the Milton or Alpharetta area, contact Milton Dental Specialists today to schedule an appointment. Our highly qualified orthodontic specialist Dr. Patel can discuss the best orthodontic options for your teen, including the possibility of Invisalign Teen orthodontics.

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