Dental X-Rays

To see below the tissue and tooth surface, it is necessary to use dental x-rays as part of our pediatric dental care. At Milton Dental Specialists, we use the best radiograph technology available to safely and effectively view our patient's jaw and teeth. Although dental x-rays are used to help identify cavities or tooth decay, they can also bring to light other health and orthodontic issues. These critical images are needed to ensure the proper medical treatment is administered for any dental or health problems.

The three most common types of dental x-rays are the bite-wing, periapical and panoramic views. The bite-wing x-rays are the most commonly used in regular dental exams to identify cavities and other tooth problems. Periapical x-rays show the entire tooth, along with the root and jaw, helping show abscesses and gum disease issues. The third x-ray, the panoramic view, is used to view the entire teeth, roots and jaw formation and identify any changes between views.

State-of-the-Art Dental Imaging for Children

Our team at Milton Dental Specialists uses the latest in radiograph technology to get the highest quality imaging using the lowest amount of radiation exposure for our young patients. Advances in dental imaging has made obtaining the x-rays we need to treat your child's dental concerns faster and safer, with very little exposure to any harmful radiation. Our state-of-the-art equipment has a small focal point with high resolution to get the detailed image needed, with much less radiation exposure than a standard body x-ray.

As part of our dedication to your child's health, our team at Milton Dental Specialists only use the safest techniques and technology when obtaining dental images through x-rays. To learn more about our policies and procedures for dental x-rays, contact our office today.

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