Dental Emergencies

When a child experiences a dental emergency due to a broken, cracked or dislodged tooth, or they lose a crown or filling, this can be a frightening experience for both the child and the parent. At Milton Dental Specialists, we understand that. You can count us to handle your dental emergencies quickly and with the same calming manner children are used to experiencing our pediatric dentistry services. If Milton Dental Specialists is not your regular dental provider, please do not hesitate to call on that account. We care about all kids and would welcome your willingness to trust your child to our care for any type of dental emergency.

Emergency Dental Care for Children

If your child should experience a chipped tooth or loss of a tooth due to some type of accident or trauma, call us at Milton Dental Specialists for emergency dental care. Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Chong, will evaluate the situation and offer treatment options and reassurance to you and your child. We are happy to provide the emergency care needed to protect your child's health and the alignment of their teeth.

How to handle common dental emergencies:

  • Dislodged teeth. A tooth that is completely knocked out needs dental care immediately. The tissue and nerves can be damaged and there is a risk of infection. Please call us immediately. Be very careful on how the tooth is handled. Touch only the crown of the tooth. Do not wipe if off, even if it is dirty. Place the tooth in a cup of milk or a cup with your child's saliva in it for transporting the tooth with you to our office.
  • Toothache. Examine the tooth and look for a bubble or swelling of the gum, as this could indicate an abscess, which usually should be treated with an antibiotic prior to additional dental treatment. Call our office for an emergency dental appointment. To ease the discomfort of a toothache, have your child rinse their mouth with warm salt water. A cold compress can also be applied to the face to bring down swelling. Children's strength Tylenol can be given as well. Do not apply heat to the area.

Our team at Milton Dental Specialists is dedicated to the dental health of your family. When you have dental emergencies, contact our caring team right away. We will arrange an emergency appointment to repair your child's teeth and ensure their continued healthy, beautiful smile.

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