Children's Oral Sedation

At Milton Dental Specialists, we specialize in working with young children to meet all their dental care needs. We understand that coming to the dentist is not always a child's favorite activity and some may have anxiety when it comes to undergoing dental treatment. To make our young patients more comfortable and at ease, we offer oral sedation that is a safe, effective way to calm children while performing pediatric dental treatments.

Oral Sedation for a Relaxing Dental Experience

Oral sedation is used for children who are anxious when it comes time to have dental care performed. This is an oral syrup that is given to the child to help them relax while our experienced team cares for their teeth. The sedation lasts for about an hour and most children will not remember the dental treatment once the sedative wears off. It is very safe and effective to calm children that may not be comfortable in a dental office.

Our team only uses oral sedation when it is necessary and with the parent's consent. The benefit of using the sedative is a less stressful experience for the child, plus the treatment can be performed faster without interruption. Oral sedation can be a viable solution to ensure that children get the dental treatment they need without having a traumatic experience. Dr. Chong, our resident pediatric dentist, offers oral sedation as one of many options to help make dental treatment comfortable and relaxing for young children.

If you have a child that is anxious about receiving dental treatments, oral sedation may be an option to help them relax while getting the dental care they need. To learn more about oral sedation and our other options for pediatric dental care, contact Milton Dental Specialists today. We want all our young patients to have the best experience possible when visiting us for their dental care.

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