What to Expect During Teething

Teething is a natural process that occurs when primary (baby) teeth emerge through the gums. Unfortunately, the process isn’t always comfortable. In fact, teething can be especially hard on babies as well as the parents who are trying to console them. Tender gums can make it difficult to both eat and sleep, which are two things we know babies need to be happy.

Six Warning Signs of Gum Disease in Kids or Adults

Gum disease is a serious dental health problem. And it’s not one that is exclusive to adults. Periodontal disease can happen in kids too! When it comes to keeping a healthy mouth at all stages of life, it is critical that the gums are properly cared for. After all, your gums are the foundation of your smile.

What to Know Before Braces Tightening

Monthly visits to get your braces tightened or adjusted may not be the most favored part of having braces, but it is necessary none the less. In fact, if these appointments never happened, your orthodontic treatment goals would never be achieved. Besides making time in your busy schedule to stop in for an orthodontic visit, it may also be frustrating to deal with the soreness that comes with the braces tightening.

Is My Child’s Bad Breath Normal or Cause for Concern?

Bad breath does not discriminate on age. Both children and adult can develop bad breath, which is medically termed halitosis. However, when it comes to kids, it is often the parents who recognize it and become concerned. There’s nothing like snuggling your sweet toddler, only to immediately back away at the overpowering odor of their breath.

Is Your Child’s Drink Wrecking Their Smile?

While plain water is by far the safest and healthiest beverage to drink, many kids are lured by more flavorful alternatives. Unfortunately, there is a large selection of sugar-packed beverages that can be a serious threat to your child’s dental health.

The Value of Combined Care

At Milton Dental Specialists, we are proud of our ability to provide excellence in both pediatric dental care and orthodontic care. In doing so, we can offer a number of valued benefits to our patients.

Why Your Teen Will Love Invisalign

You may not be able to control whether or not your teen needs orthodontic treatment, but with today’s modern solutions, you can certainly choose to make it less bearable. While most people are less than thrilled at the thought of getting metal braces, these unsightly brackets and wires can be especially unwelcome by a teenager.

Is It OK For My Child To Use Mouthwash?

Mouth rinses, or mouthwash, come in all different brands and types. There are even some that are safe for children to use on a daily basis. To determine which mouthwash is best for pediatric patients, you must understand a few things about mouthwash. First, there are generally two different kinds, cosmetic and therapeutic.

First Dental Visit: Why Age 1?

The Academy of American Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children visit the dentist for the first time by age 1, or within six months of getting their first tooth – whichever comes first. So why is age 1 the magic number? Isn’t this too early?

The Importance of Fluoride at All Stages of Life

When it comes to fluoride, you probably think of children’s dental care. However, fluoride isn’t just for kids. Fluoride is a valued mineral source that benefits smiles at all ages. Besides getting your fluoride from city tap water or your daily toothpaste, patients can also get a fluoride treatment at their dental office as part of their routine checkup and cleaning.

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