Kids Can Get Dental Crowns, Too

Dental crowns serve as caps for damaged or weak teeth. This durable, natural-looking cap encases all visible surfaces of the affected tooth. It is common to associate dental crowns with adults, but young smiles are also candidates for this time-tested restorative treatment. In fact, crowns can be an excellent way to protect and strengthen damaged teeth – even if they are baby teeth!

Dental Ankylosis: Why Your Orthodontist Needs to Know

Have you ever heard of dental ankylosis? It’s an abnormal condition of the teeth where the tooth (or teeth) is fused or fixed to the underlying bone. In a normal tooth, the tooth roots are surrounded by periodontal ligaments of gum tissue that hold the tooth in the socket.

Caring For Your Preschooler’s Teeth

By the time your child turns 3 years old, you should be looking at a full set of 20 baby teeth when they smile. (Of course every child is different and some may be “late bloomers” in the tooth eruption category.) Dental care for your preschooler can look very similar to your own dental care regime as an adult. A primary goal of any patient, regardless of age, is to prevent decay. In fact, untreated cavities are one of the leading causes of missed school in kids.

How Adult Braces Can Turn Back the Hands of Time

Whether you are leaving your 30’s or entering your 70’s, anti-aging is a hot topic among many adults. When you consider ways to make yourself look younger, you probably think of anti-aging creams, facial fillers or plastic surgery. But did you know that braces can also be considered as an effective and permanent way to turn back the hands of time?

Kids Get Dental Anxiety, Too!

Not everyone enjoys going to the dentist. In fact, dental fear (or dental anxiety) is a very real condition that affects adults as well as children. While it may be common to have to bribe or coerce your child into the dental office, if your child’s anxiety over the dentist is a problem or is keeping them from necessary dental care, you should seek a solution. Sedation dentistry is designed to help patients overcome fear and anxiety while receiving dental treatments.

Why Do Adults Experience Shifting Teeth?

It is not uncommon for things to gradually start shifting out of place as we get older. This includes your teeth. In fact, many aging adults experience a change in the way their teeth are positioned. This may result in gaps, crowding and other alignment issues that didn’t use to be there. Fortunately, adult braces can correct shifting teeth. In fact, most alignment issues related to aging are minor and can be solved with minimal treatment time.

4 Reasons to Schedule Your Back-to-School Dental Visit

It’s time to say goodbye to lazy summer days at the pool and begin another school year. As you rush around to find school supplies and buy new outfits, don’t forget about what your child’s smile may need before he or she heads back to school. In fact, now is an excellent time to schedule that routine dental checkup. Preventative dental exams and x-rays are recommended twice a year for optimal oral health.

What to Expect During Teething

Teething is a natural process that occurs when primary (baby) teeth emerge through the gums. Unfortunately, the process isn’t always comfortable. In fact, teething can be especially hard on babies as well as the parents who are trying to console them. Tender gums can make it difficult to both eat and sleep, which are two things we know babies need to be happy.

Six Warning Signs of Gum Disease in Kids or Adults

Gum disease is a serious dental health problem. And it’s not one that is exclusive to adults. Periodontal disease can happen in kids too! When it comes to keeping a healthy mouth at all stages of life, it is critical that the gums are properly cared for. After all, your gums are the foundation of your smile.

What to Know Before Braces Tightening

Monthly visits to get your braces tightened or adjusted may not be the most favored part of having braces, but it is necessary none the less. In fact, if these appointments never happened, your orthodontic treatment goals would never be achieved. Besides making time in your busy schedule to stop in for an orthodontic visit, it may also be frustrating to deal with the soreness that comes with the braces tightening.

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