Birth – 2 Years

The first two years of your child's life is a time of monumental changes, especially with their teeth. By the time they are two years of age, they will have grown most of their primary teeth and will need to begin caring for those teeth. At Milton Dental Specialists, we are honored to care for many of the toddlers' teeth from birth to 2 years from the Milton, Alpharetta, Cumming and surrounding area with top quality pediatric dentistry.

From birth to two years of age, a child will need their first dental exam at some point before 12 months.

A good rule of thumb is when a child receives their first tooth, it is time for their first dental exam. As a child's primary or baby teeth come in, they should receive a dental exam every six months to monitor the health of their new teeth. Although these teeth will fall out and be replaced, they still need to be maintained and kept healthy for optimum dental health. As soon as your child has teeth, you should brush them at least once a day before bedtime with a toothbrush and toothpaste that does not contain fluoride.

Dental Care for Young Children

Even in the early stages of dental care during their first two years, orthodontic exams and treatment are important. During these first years, examinations can reveal any possible concerns in the bite, jaw position or teeth growth that may need to be addressed in future years. Many orthodontic problems can be treated in children to prevent or reduce the need for corrective orthodontic care once their permanent teeth come in.

As a provider of both pediatric dentistry and orthodontic dental specialty care, Milton Dental Specialists can help your child begin his/her life with excellent dental care. Our resident pediatric dentist, Dr. Chong and our orthodontist Dr. Patel will work with you and your child from the very beginning to care for their beautiful smile. Our team would be honored to handle your child's first dental appointment and the many that follow. Contact us today for your appointment.

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