The Value of Combined Care

At Milton Dental Specialists, we are proud of our ability to provide excellence in both pediatric dental care and orthodontic care. In doing so, we can offer a number of valued benefits to our patients.

Why Your Teen Will Love Invisalign

You may not be able to control whether or not your teen needs orthodontic treatment, but with today’s modern solutions, you can certainly choose to make it less bearable. While most people are less than thrilled at the thought of getting metal braces, these unsightly brackets and wires can be especially unwelcome by a teenager.

Is It OK For My Child To Use Mouthwash?

Mouth rinses, or mouthwash, come in all different brands and types. There are even some that are safe for children to use on a daily basis. To determine which mouthwash is best for pediatric patients, you must understand a few things about mouthwash. First, there are generally two different kinds, cosmetic and therapeutic.

First Dental Visit: Why Age 1?

The Academy of American Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children visit the dentist for the first time by age 1, or within six months of getting their first tooth – whichever comes first. So why is age 1 the magic number? Isn’t this too early?

The Importance of Fluoride at All Stages of Life

When it comes to fluoride, you probably think of children’s dental care. However, fluoride isn’t just for kids. Fluoride is a valued mineral source that benefits smiles at all ages. Besides getting your fluoride from city tap water or your daily toothpaste, patients can also get a fluoride treatment at their dental office as part of their routine checkup and cleaning.

5 Reasons to Consider Adult Braces

While recent statistics show that nearly 20% of orthodontic patients are adults, it is still hard for many adults to come to terms with the thought of getting braces later in life. The truth is, “adult braces” doesn’t always mean wearing metal brackets and bands for multiple years.

How Invisalign Can Protect Your Gum Health

There are many orthodontic treatments available today. Beyond traditional brackets and bands, patients may now opt for a unique aligner therapy system such as Invisalign. The aligners look and feel much like a custom tray for teeth whitening. Besides their obvious advantage of a clear, discreet design, Invisalign also provides benefits towards your oral health – especially, your gum health.

Four Reasons Why a 7-year-old May Need to See an Orthodontist

Most parents wouldn't be that surprised to learn their middle school student needed braces to correct an overbite or crooked teeth. But is it possible your child could need braces as young as 7?

Tooth Decay In Your Baby’s Teeth

Many parents are shocked to know that tooth decay can begin in their baby’s teeth. It can begin as soon as your baby’s teeth pop through the gums, typically by the age of six months. What makes this doubly difficult is the fact that your baby can’t communicate with words what pain they might be suffering related to the tooth pain they may be experiencing.

Summer is a Great Time for Orthodontics

There’s usually no way around it; orthodontic treatment requires time. Teeth can’t shift into place overnight and there’s often several steps of treatment needed before the final goal of a straight and beautiful smile is achieved. Of course, the specific length of time you’ll need to be in braces is based on the severity of your orthodontic concerns.

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